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Field(s) of Study: Accounting
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Jeff Sailor's 2022-23 Accounting and Auditing Update and Review Course is designed to provide an in-depth look into the most important new pronouncements issued during the past year, along with an overview of less pervasive ones. As always, to assist with attention and learning, Jeff has included several video parodies.

ACCOUNTING UPDATE- This segment will look at the latest updates to the FASB Codification, including leases, credit losses, not-for-profits and miscellaneous.

AUDIT UPDATE- This segment covers the omnibus changes to audit standards including the requirements for audit evidence, accounting estimates and the complete overhaul of risk assessment. It will also cover the brand new SSAE 19, which provides new requirements and guidance for Agreed-Upon Procedures engagements.

SSARS UPDATE- This segment look at the requirements for preparations, compilations and reviews and will focus on the major changes created by the issuance of SSARS 25, which goes into effect this year.

SQMS- This section will cover the new requirements for a firm’s system of Quality Management.

Course Level- Update

Delivery Method- Group Internet Based Webcast

Length- 400 minutes of instruction- 10min break in the morning and afternoon and 30min lunch break

Revision Date: July 1, 2022

Field(s) of Study: Accounting
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