Instructor : Jeff Sailor

Jeff Sailor’s Step by Step Series was created to tackle various A&A topics using a practical approach, rather than simply going through the standards as they were written. This course will cover how to prepare a statement of cash flows.
While the statement of cashflows is one of the basic statements required by GAAP, many practitioners encounter issues when preparing them. In this course, Jeff takes you step by step through the process to insure that you understand both the professional as well as the practical requirements. He will cover not only the accounting and presentation, but also show you how to use a simple spreadsheet template to assist in your preparation.
In addition, Jeff will include his unique perspective and humor, including his signature video parodies, which are designed to keep you awake and reinforce the material.

Course Level- Update
Delivery Method- Group Internet Based Webcast
Length- 100 minutes of instruction
Revision Date- 12/11/21

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Field(s) of Study: Accounting
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