Instructor : Jeff Sailor

The accounting for credit losses has changed drastically as the result of ASU 2016-13. Some practitioners believe that this update only applies to financial institutions, but it not only applies, but will also have a major impact on most other entities as well.
In this course, Jeff explains the new concept of CECL and how it is used to account for credit losses. The focus of this course will be on the accounting while including just enough finance information for the standard to make sense. In addition, he will provide advice on how to coordinate the efforts of the accounting staff with that of the finance department.
As in all his courses, Jeff will include some levity to help you stay focused.

Course Level- Basic

Delivery Method- Group Internet Based Webcast

Length- 100 minutes of instruction

Revision Date- 12/11/21

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Field(s) of Study: Accounting
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